obsessively grateful:2016

It would be easy to say that 2016 just sucked, and I can’t name a good thing about it. It would be awfully unfair though. I add twelve photos and the lessons I learnt this year that makes this year pretty awesome in the end. I won’t pretend I know how to be grateful for hard … Continue reading obsessively grateful:2016


obsessively grateful. part 4: ’tis the season

I’m fat, and I’m lazy today. It’s Christmas. The marathon of cooking and shopping is over, and we finally chill.  Now, while we wait for just another kick-ass roast to be ready, I will write a line about Christmas preps and stuff. My life has shifted, and I am not that much of a depressed loser these days. No doubts, I am great deal thankful … Continue reading obsessively grateful. part 4: ’tis the season